Implants - Working Method

The complete implant treatment consists of a number of steps that we explain below.

It starts with a consultation

Every person is different and so are every teeth. That is why a standard plan or budget cannot simply be made; after all, it is all about customization. What is your problem? What are your wishes? The situation can be mapped out by means of examination in the mouth supplemented with X-rays or a 3D scan. The options are discussed and a budget made for you.

Customization is the norm

The plan and budget can often be discussed during a first visit, but here too, every situation differs. Sometimes a problem is more comprehensive and requires more extensive research. We collect as much information as possible in order to be able to tailor your treatment. There are differences whether it concerns 1 or more teeth; whether the tooth or molar has recently been missing or has been gone for a long time. And the position in the mouth is also decisive; a front tooth in sight often stands for high aesthetic requirements and therefore requires a different approach. Let the implantologist inform you about the possibilities.

Crown without impressions

Once the implant has been placed and has integrated in the bone, you are ready for the final phase: making the crown / bridge on the implant (s). Where in the past or elsewhere an impression still has to be made, this is rarely necessary with us. We can use the intra-oral 3D mouth scanner for this and the crown can be made by means of this image. More comfort and precision for an optimal end result.