Types of implant treatments

Implant treatments come in many varieties. Sometimes it is the replacement of a single tooth or molar that has been missing for a long time, sometimes it is a solution for all missing teeth. The direct replacement of a (front) tooth with an implant (so-called 'immediate placement') is a specialty in practice. This method ensures that the moment the tooth is removed, an implant is placed immediately and usually also a (temporary) crown. This means you do not have to walk around with a gap or loose teeth.

In addition to this direct placement of implants, you can also contact us for more extensive treatments such as: building a narrow jaw bone, filling the jaw cavities (sinus lift treatments), thickening of gums and all kinds of interventions that are sometimes necessary for implant treatments. However, most of the treatments are not nearly as drastic. That is why a thorough examination before starting treatment is so important.


Implants come in all shapes and sizes. Bigger and smaller, wide or narrow and in various shapes. Most important, however, is that you get a reliable, well-documented and researched implant. After all, it grows stuck in your jawbone.

For years now, we have only used 2 of the most renowned, internationally available implants at De Drietand: the Astra implant from Dentsply Impants and the implants from Nobel Biocare. Both implant systems have been on the market for over 40 years and are among the 3 best researched implants. This way you are assured of top quality and the guarantee that parts will remain available if something ever needs to be replaced or adjusted.

Implants are made from a biocompatible, pure titanium (grade 4). Today, however, we also offer the option of opting for a porcelain (zirconium) implant. Let us inform you whether this is a possibility for you, if you wish.