De drietand dental implants - specialized in implants

The only local practice with 2 registered NVOI implantologists

If teeth or molars are missing or if the roots of your teeth are also affected, a dental implantologist can improve your teeth by means of implants.

A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. This permanent replacement of the natural tooth root serves as a solid foundation for a crown, bridge or denture.

Placing an implant is done by specialized dentists: dental implantologists. If you want to be sure that these are qualified, then choose an NVOI registered implantologist. Of the 3 registered implantologists in Maastricht and the surrounding area, 2 work at De Drietand. NVOI implantologists Pim Ruijpers & Dennis Pasmans are ready for you.

De Drietand Dental Implants is rightfully the implant specialist in the region!

How does it work?

Before the treatment starts, your mouth will be examined thoroughly. Here too we make use of the latest insights and techniques. With X-rays and a CBCT scan, we get a three-dimensional image and the implantologist examines your jawbone and gums, in this way we can often place the implant virtually. This digital workflow can make it possible to walk out with a nice tooth on the day of treatment.

Sometimes dental impressions or a mouth scan are required for a test setup. The implantologist then draws up a treatment plan in consultation with you and also discusses the associated costs with you.

All about the treatment


Every situation is unique, but that does not alter the fact that there are also quite a few similarities. Because an implant grows into your jaw, there is one chance to do it right, which is why it is so important to have it taken care of by a specialist.

On the right you can see a video about our digital implant workflow & in the following examples of treatments from our own practice, you will get an impression of what is possible. 3D Implants not only stands for De Drietand Dental, but also mainly for the application of 3D technology. Let one of our implantologists draw up a treatment plan and associated costs for you to know what is possible for you.

View some examples
  • Testimonial 1

    "Looking for a new dentist, I accidentally ended up with Mr. Ruijpers, dentist at De Drietand and specialized in the application of implants, which was not the case for me at the time, I thought. After my first introductory meeting, a follow-up appointment was made for a general dental check-up.
    Great shock !!!!! My teeth, molars and gums were not in such a great condition, while I faithfully went for a check-up every six months with my then dentist. "Everything looks good, you will get through the winter / summer well again, if there is anything I will hear it."

    What followed was an extensive trajectory with jaw bone construction, implant placement and temporary solutions with finally the application of the crowns on the implants, all in our own practice with great guidance from the 2 dental implantologists. But everything also without pain and fear, and if I feel uncomfortable, I could indicate this at any time.

    The clear explanation and extensive research and then good advice, with constant guidance from the dentist, has led to me now having a beautiful, but above all good & fixed upper teeth with hardly any problems, so now for over 10 years no big expenses, and with which everything can be eaten. In retrospect, the financial side turned out to be peanuts for what I got in return. "

    Mrs. Kerckhoffs, Cadier & Keer (65 years old)

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